Dwelling And Retiring In Ecuador

Except for just a few days when a frontal system came through, clouds rolled in and the skies opened we had a fabulous bout of weather from mid September to mid October. It was a long driving tour covering the island from the northwest tip at Chaguaramas, completely across the isle west to east, then south, again west, and back north to origination point - about 150 miles. The record quantity of foods tried on a Taste of Trini Tour is 99. Our group tasted only 76. And not an individual one of us could have tasted another bite of anything, regardless of how flavorful it might have been.

The fruits and vegetables in Ecuador are simply short of impressive and the variety is astounding. Personally, we prefer the boutique hotels like Mansion Alcazar, but I am sure as voyagers love to use their points” it will be great for the tourism industry, and now Cuenca will have the ability to offer something for everyone. Besides our older son who came to see in 2010, this really is the first family we have had in Ecuador. Mark and I 've always lived in quake-prone regions (California, Italy and now Ecuador). The outpouring of support for Ecuador has been heartwarming and the relief efforts have been nothing short of awesome.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and for your love, care and anxiety for Ecuador. The double-decker galapagos islands tour buses leave from Parque Calderon next to the Old Cathedral and take you up to Turi where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Others make several trips to Ecuador through the last few years and each time drop off suitcases with pals until they're prepared to make the huge move permanently.
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